Podcast 79: Tackling Extremism, Islamophobia and Far Right

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Zubeda Limbada

Joshua McGovern

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How can we tackle extremism and Islamophobia, and what can British people do to address Far-Right extremism?

Our 79th interview is Zubeda Limbada, co-director of the social enterprise, Connect Futures, focusing on training and research to tackle extremism and exploitation.

Working as a social enterprise…

In this podcast, listen to Zubeda Limbada and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss extremism, Islamophobia, and what can British people do to address Far-Right extremism. As we move deeper into the podcast, we learn more about her life working for a social enterprise, the challenges of running this type of organisation and what sparked Connect Futures’ existence. We hear why Zubeda was seconded to the Westminister Police Counter-Terrorism Unit, what does Connect Futures do on a daily basis and how we can build resilience against violence and extremism…

Getting personal…

Getting personal, we ask what was it like to be ‘kicked out’ of an Islamic school in her teenage years and hear more about Zubeda’s own experience of racism, diversity and Islamophobia. We unpick the difficulty for teachers to advise social media safety to children, her thoughts on Far-right extremism and why she wants to see more safe spaces for children. All this in 32 minutes!

Podcast Length (32 minutes)

You can follow Zubeda on Twitter and find out more about Connect Futures.



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