Learning Foreign Languages in Primary Schools

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Teaching Languages in Primary


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How can teachers improve ‘foreign language teaching’ in primary schools?

These training opportunities by Language Angels are a series of networking and roadshow events focussing on primary foreign languages, held all over the country for the remainder of the year – absolutely free!

Sharing ideas leads to better solutions!

I really believe in collaboration and honest discussion between teachers. The development of ideas through sharing of the first-hand experience is the foundation that this blog itself has been built on. That’s why I’m impressed to hear about these invaluable and cost-free opportunities for teachers to network.

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What do you need to do?

Sign up, free of charge, to attend one of or networking roadshows. Find out below which one is closest to you. These events help teachers to share and draw from a breadth of experience and knowledge from surrounding schools and can help you to learn from the success and mistakes of other primary schools offering foreign language lessons.

Language Angels

What topics are covered?

La Logo Sub 2These events centre around structured sessions focusing in on three subject areas:

1. Lessons: Take part in valuable discussions with other teachers. Hear how to plan, deliver and asses in order to achieve great primary language lessons. What to do to build progression into your teaching lessons? Also, discover how assessment in primary languages can be part of your regular lesson ‘best practice’.

2. Preparation: Hear advice on what a successful primary foreign language subject leader does so that you can articulate precisely what is happening with foreign language teaching in your primary school. From your experience of working with Language Angels, you will be able to clearly demonstrate the pathways of foreign language teaching and progression by year group and key stage in your school, making it possible for every teacher to understand curriculum choices and sequencing.

3. Evaluation: We will debunk myths and answer questions, drawing from real and recent experiences of some schools who have been externally evaluated and some of the questions they were asked. This information will help those attending to develop and prepare.

Following on from these structured sessions, the training will be opened up for colleagues to get together to voice questions and work closely with Language Angels.

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