Podcast 69: How Can Schools Improve Social Skills?

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Melody Hossaini Award Winning Social Entrepeneur And Speaker

Joshua McGovern

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How can external agencies support schools when schools have no money to support young people?

Our 69th interview is with Melody Hossaini, founder and CEO of a social enterprise, InspirEngage International. A self-described “human investor”…

Melody’s work involves investing in people’s mindsets and skills. In this women-in-education podcast, listen to Melody and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss:

  • The differences in education approaches between Sweden and England
  • The most important lessons she gained at school
  • Why British pupils don’t grab every opportunity presented to them
  • How Melody ended up being part of BBC’s, The Apprentice
  • We ask her to explain why investing in human beings is important and how this is achieved
  • We learn more about Melody’s social enterprise, InspirEngage and its moral compass
  • What projects InspirEngage are working on
  • Melody also shares her views on society and its attitude to women with business ambition
  • What change would Melody like to see in education at a national level
  • Ways to support children’s mental health
  • We also discuss Melody’s TEDx talk in Kuala Lumpur and what her top tips are when planning
  • To finish off, we hear the books Melody is currently reading and what she hopes to be her legacy.

Listen to the podcast (28 minutes)

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You can find out more about Melody on her website, www.melodyhossaini.com and connect with her on her social media channels.

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