Will Your School Join The Playground Challenge?

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What are the benefits of taking your pupils outside and raising money for a good cause?

Why not get your whole school together and go outside to play, fundraise and change the lives of children all over the world! This term, join thousands of schools across the UK to take on an obstacle course that you’ve designed with your pupils as part of the Soccer Aid for Unicef Playground Challenge.

How to get started?

By joining the team, you’ll be part of a Soccer Aid For Unicef Playground Challenge mission to get over 1 million pupils moving this year!

  1. Order your Playground Challenge fundraising kit
  2. Design an obstacle course with your pupils
  3. Raise money to help children everywhere grow up happy, healthy and able to play.

“We have never had an activity that brought everyone together so well.” Caroline Saunders, assistant principal, explains how the Soccer Aid for Unicef Playground Challenge inspired The Regis School.

The kids absolutely loved it!

The Regis School smashed their fundraising goal! And it doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before. The Regis School took part for the first time last year and Caroline says “It was fantastic. Everyone really got into it and it was so easy to put together – a real team effort for the whole school.”

You can use whatever equipment you’ve got …

The Regis School had an indoor and an outdoor course which made it easier to get the whole school to take part. One of the favourites from their Playground Challenge was the penalty shoot-out at the end.

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Every child should have the chance to play.

Not only is the Playground Challenge the perfect chance to get your school together, get active and have fun, it really gets pupils thinking about their rights, and about how other children around the world don’t have the childhood they are entitled to, simply because they don’t have enough water, food or medicine.

Brother Ayas, 5, and Younus, 9, were forced to leave their home in Myanmar when conflict erupted. They now live in the Balukahli refugee camp, where they can play and learn in their favourite place – the Unicef child-friendly space.

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The money you raise from your Playground Challenge could help provide toys, books and games so that children like Ayas and Younus grow up happy, healthy and able to play. Use your teaching kit to help you introduce your pupils to Ayas and Younus, also the assembly plans, topic maps and activity ideas to help you bring Soccer Aid for Unicef to life for the whole school.

  • £172 could provide a preschool-in-a-box, full of toys, games and books to help children learn through play.
  • £375 could build a whole community playground in Zambia so that 100 children can play.
  • £1,124 could provide a tent for a temporary school or clinic to help children live safe, healthy and happy lives.

To top it off, every £1 your school raises will be matched by the UK government, doubling the difference you make to children’s lives. So, to get your school involved, sign up! What’s not to like?

In a period of time where mental health is crucial for teacher and pupil wellbeing, use this as the perfect excuse to get outside! When your school signs up to the Playground Challenge, they will find lots of resources to help you get ready for ‘kick off’.

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