Reclaim Your Half-Term Holiday

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Mount Snowdon

Laura George

Laura teaches Years 4-8 at King's Rochester Prep. School and is head of RS and PSHEE. She has previously taught in secondary state comprehensive and grammar schools. She loves everything about teaching and often can be found telling her husband "Oh, this would be great...
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How will you be switching off this half term?

Rather than just trying to reclaim the weekend, this week is the start of half term, so how about we try and reclaim the whole week?! Here are some suggestions to get you going.

Here at TT, we think it’s important to focus on what’s outside the classroom over the weekend. To help, we’ve put together a five-point list of wellbeing escapism to encourage a healthy work-life balance. 

1. What to watch?

If you haven’t heard all the hype about Killing Eve then you might just have been missing out. It’s a BBC drama that follows a board MI5 agent, Eve, no longer content with her desk job who longs to be a spy. She finally gets her chance as she connects murders that span across Europe. She is now on the mission to track down this violent female assassin.

2. What to listen to?

Fancy a bit of chill over the holiday? Oh Wonder’s album OW is a lovely mixture of chilled out music and thoughtful lyrics. You might even recognise one of their tracks called “All we do” from the ITV drama Unforgotten.

3. What to eat?

We still seem to be enjoying some warm nights so let’s keep up the theme with something a bit summery for dinner. Jamie Oliver always hits the spot with simple, tasty meals and his chicken skewers with satay sauce are a lovely fresh meal, and easy enough, even for a weeknight!

4. Who to follow?

Fancy a laugh over the holiday and always looking for a one-liner now and again? Milton Jones is a one-liner comedian who fits the twitter character limit flawlessly. You can follow via @themiltonjones

5. What to read?

The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris – this book has been getting a lot of traffic on Twitter and once you read it you’ll see why. A heartbreaking tale of the realities of the Holocaust and the extremes of human behaviour.

Top 2 with kids?

  • BeWILDerwood in Norfolk is a great place for children young and old. It’s 50 acres of wood with areas to play, high slides and ropes and boat rides. They often have things on during the half term to keep the kids entertained at the darkness draws in.
  • Wingham Wildlife Park in Kent is a hidden gem. Not large but compact with many animals including tigers, lions and apes. Also many chances to feed animals and play in the indoor play centre on rainy days.

Top 2 adult ventures?

  • Ball Pit Bar – Now the school is closed, we can act like the kids again ourselves! The best place to do this is a bar that is also a ball pit! With one million balls, sweet flavour cocktails and fab food why not go back to your youth?
  • The Beach at Bude, Cornwall – hold onto that last piece of the sun and get down to Cornwall to look over this amazing view as you sup on your cocktail.

Top 2 places to learn something new?

  • Neasden Temple – is a place that anyone can go and see and find out more about Hindu traditions. An amazing Hindu Mandir in London with ornate shrine and a discovery centre section where you can learn more about the religion.
  • Deep Sea World  – welcomes you on a voyage of discovery through the depths of the ocean, the breezy shorelines of Scotland, and the stifling jungles of the Amazon. Wander through our themed exhibitions and marvel at the fascinating sea creatures, marine life, and amphibians we house.

Top 2 places to escape?

  • Blaenau Ffestiniog is a historic mining town in Wales. In the centre of Snowdonia, Blaenau Ffestiniog is known as the heart of the national park, from rugged mountains the Vale leads on to sandy beaches, here you’ll find people, culture, activities, attractions, food and entertainment that’s From the Rock.
  • Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk has a lovely wide sandy beach, backed by pine woods, but it’s quite a distance from the town. Park in the beach car park and later on have a snack or drink in the beach cafe or pop on the little railway which runs from the town and saves your legs.

Back to work?

Wellbeing in the school is important too. Look into creating research-education beacons in your school. These teachers can take the responsibility to look up research on educational ventures that could save time and effort for all staff. Budget tight? Maybe pay them with time rather than money, allow them CPD time or a designated PPA time during the week.

If you have anything to add to this list then use the hash tag #ReclaimYourWeekend on twitter. Let’s start a wellbeing movement and set some boundaries and remember, don’t feel guilty!

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