Podcast 20: How Can We Get Girls Involved In STEM?

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Pat Bhattacharya

Joshua McGovern

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How can we get girls involved in Cyber Security?

Our 11th interview for the 100 Women series is Patranjali Bhattacharya, head of Computer Science at the Piggot School. Before taking up teaching, Pat was a software developer for many years.

In this episode, you can hear Pat and Teacher Toolkit editor, Holly Gardner:

  • delight at Pat’s female GCSE students winning a national Cyber Security competition
  • dissect how the mentalities of society affect girls choosing to pursue STEM careers
  • address the ways in which Pat and the Piggot School champion Computer Science for young girls
  • Pat explains the main challenges that she and teachers like her face
  • talk about how surreal it was doing an interview with the BBC.


You can find out more about the Cyber Security competition Pat’s students won here. You can also watch their interview on BBC news below, where the girls talk about what the competition entailed and the very exciting invitation they received from Buckingham Palace!

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