Podcast 14: Why Should Teachers Nurture Personal Creativity?

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Iesha Small

Think Tank associate at LKMco and podcaster for Teacher Toolkit. Iesha is a teacher, writer, podcast producer and speaker. Former school leader who is interested in challenging status quo and solutions.
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Why should teachers nurture their personal creativity?

Our 14th guest is Adisa the poet or Adisa the verbaliser. Adisa specialises in empowering young people to share their voice and perform. We catch up with Adisa at a coffee shop in North London.

In this episode, you can hear Adisa  and podcast host, Ross McGill:

  • explore why English lessons were so important to Adisa as a child
  • explain the difference between how poetry is often taught in schools and how Adisa feels it should be experienced
  • reveal which sports Adisa loves and is always reading about
  • share which event Ross loves and has been watching since he was 15
  • discuss why teachers should complete their own personal creative projects and nurture their creativity.


You can find out more about Adisa via his website and you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter.

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