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What does Google Analytics tell you? And what have you been reading on Teacher Toolkit?

We’ve switched to using Google Analytics to help improve the performance of our website. We share our data to here to help encourage further growth and offer something ‘geeky’ for the technical buffs …

Total Visitors

In February 2018 we had 70,882 users. This is up 14.11% since last month, as expected after the half-term break. Note, users are not number of views which range from 2.5k to 6k readers each day.Google Analytics

Peak Time

Sundays and Mondays continue to be peak reading time, but Saturdays continue to see high traffic, with our most popular day of the month being Sunday 25th February.

New vs. Returning

Our growth is increasing – 53,068 this month, with 52,672 of our readers returning, up 9.64%.

Google Analytics


Compared to last month, the sessions are 105,740 and average session time is also a little shorter – 1 minute 1 second compared to 1 minute and 10 seconds. This is the average time, so we generally aim for 3-minute reads or a detailed article which walks the reader through ‘how to use a resource’ – for example, 7 minutes. Our readers tell us they ‘love’ the reading time at the start of each post.

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Bounce Rate

Since we have started using a new reporting system, we have discovered our bounce rate is not quite what we thought it was! Our Google Analytics was duplicating our data. In December it was 47.2% and below it is 79.62%! We hope to get back down to less than 20% which is our 3-month average in the next six months.

Google Analytics

Sources of Traffic and Sessions by Country

This month the vast number of our users continue to be from the UK, with a 7.85% increase in traffic directed by social media. Australia and the USA continue to be our next countries for readership. Most users are coming from Google or Twitter which is great considering we push out most of our content via Twitter (52,906 traffic users). This shows that our SEO is starting to work within Google and that Twitter is driving most of our traffic.

Google Analytics

Sessions by City

In terms of sessions by city. London is where a big chunk of users view our content, and after ‘Other’ it’s Birmingham and Leeds. Last month it was Manchester in England.

Google Analytics

Mobile vs. Desktop

With more powerful devices in our hands, it is becoming increasingly important to offer a user-friendly website for mobile users. 71,000+ of you preferred to read our blogs on the move, versus 34,500 readers who are sitting on a desktop at home.

Google Analytics

If there any other stats you’d like us to include in next month’s ‘What Are You Reading?’, just let us know. We can also help you with social media exposure and social media training.

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