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Which awareness days have you recognised in your school this week?

This week had a record number of awareness days, so we have a bumper CPD spotlight with blogs we’ve published that can support you to focus on these important topics not only this week, but throughout the school year.

Top 5 blogs

  1. How To Revolutionise Guided Reading – What is whole-class guided reading?
  2. 10 Tips For Looking After Your Mental Health – How can we ensure we are looking after ourselves?
  3. The 5 Minute Lesson Plan – An old favourite and planning must have
  4. Detailed Lesson Planning– Should trainee teachers write detailed lesson plans?
  5. Teacher Workload: Policy vs. Practice – What is the Department for Education doing to help reduce teacher workload?

CPD Spotlight: Awareness days

There are multiple awareness weeks taking place between 13th – 19th November. Although it’s a really good idea to allocate dates to important topics to highlight them and get people talking about them, all of the topics are ones we should be continually thinking about in schools. Here are some blogs to help you do so.


Did you wear odd socks for Anti-bullying week?


As Self-care week comes to an end, make sure you’re kind to yourself this weekend.


What did you do to celebrate Children’s book week?

School meals

Did you know it was National School Meals week this week?

From elsewhere

  1. How much does education improve intelligence? Stuart Ritchie and Elliot Tucker-Drob found, “In a meta-analysis of three quasi-experimental research designs, we found highly consistent evidence that longer educational duration is associated with increased intelligence test scores”.
  2. Guidance for the Church of England’s 4,700 schools published this week aims to prevent pupils from having their self-worth diminished or their ability to achieve impeded by being bullied because of their perceived or actual sexual orientation or gender identity. Valuing All God’s Children says, “A child may choose the tutu, princess’s tiara and heels and/or the fireman’s helmet, tool belt and superhero cloak without expectation or comment. Childhood has a sacred space for creative self imagining”.
  3. The Department for Education, the Department of Health and Public Health England have published healthy eating guidance for the early years sector. Take a look at the new example menus and recipes to help early years providers plan healthy, tasty meals for young children. The example menus will contribute to delivery of the government’s ambitious Childhood Obesity Plan.
  4.  Head teachers representing more than 5,000 schools across England are supporting a protest letter to the Chancellor Philip Hammond over “inadequate” funding. It follows a funding warning sent to 2.5 million families coordinated by secondary head Jules White who has led the Worth Less Campaign.
  5.  A new review of evidence shows one of the best ways to improve early language development is by training teachers in early years settings so that they can deliver cost-effective and evidence-based interventions to those children who have fallen behind.
  6.  Flipped learning leads to a “small amount” of additional progress for primary school pupils and doesn’t offer value for money according to John Blake, head of education and social reform at the Policy Exchange.

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