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Holly Gardner

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What is 1 minute CPD?

Here at Teacher Toolkit, we strive to help teachers save time, provide them with resources and support them to be the best they can be in the classroom. 1 minute CPD is a new addition to the #TTkitCPD family!

1 minute CPD will:

  • Take you no longer than 1 minute to read!
  • Provide you with a practical tip to improve an area of your practice.
  • Be on a topic selected by our readers!

So here it is our first 1 minute CPD!

Plus, Minus, Equals

Teachers should mark students’ work in relation to a previous piece of work.

  • If the latest piece of work is the same quality as the last, give it an = (equals) sign
  • If it is better than their last piece, give it a + (plus) sign
  • If it is worse than the last piece, give it a – (minus) sign.
Why is it good strategy?
  • Students can see at a glance if they have improved, stayed the same or if their standards have dropped
  • If you do this regularly for a piece of work, it will save you time when marking
  • You can adopt the ‘live marking‘ idea in class, which means less work to take home.

Keep a tally of how many students get +, how many get – and how many get =. You can then distribute rewards and recognition appropriately without the task becoming too erroneous.

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