Revision Strategies

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Beth Hartwell

Beth writes for the Teacher Toolkit site from a secondary perspective. She is currently a Lead Practitioner of Teaching and Learning at a school in York with a specialism of teaching secondary Science. She is currently teaching in a iPad school and is interested sharing...
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Which strategies do you use in a revision lesson?

We aim to produce a series of vlogs which provide (classroom tested) teaching and learning ideas which can be easily deployed in the classroom; made by teachers, for teachers.


Let us know!

Which revision strategies do you use in the classroom? Do you have a go to resource which promotes independence within revision? Please tweet us @TeacherToolkit – we would love to hear from you.

This is the second new feature of 2017 on Teacher Toolkit (see Meet Ms. Butterfield and Meet. Mr Ouma for the alternative series). Why not send us your ideas?


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