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If you are attending the BETT Show, what ed-technology solutions are a ‘must-see’?

This is a list of products Teacher Toolkit believes people attending the BETT Show 2017 must visit. You can view the floor plan to see where exhibitors will be located and hear Ross McGill speak on Saturday 28th January at 11.45am.

1. InfoMentor:

BETT award finalists InfoMentor is a unique system, designed to support schools in delivering their own bespoke curriculum and assessment package. InfoMentor allows teachers to plan and assess against any curriculum, and our parent/pupil portal ‘InfoMentor Home’ makes it easy to communicate ongoing progress.

The InfoMentor stand is likely to be a busy, with two receptions taking place. On the programme is says that the Icelandic Ambassador will be there at 3.30pm on Wednesday 25th January. On Thursday 26th, there will be a reception where Teacher Toolkit’s own Ross Morrison McGill will be attending.

Other guests include Richard Restall (Headteacher of St Bartholomew’s Primary School) and Andy Goodeve (Senior Education Advisor). As if that wasn’t busy enough, Wednesday will see the launch of ‘Socratess by InfoMentor’ – an interactive self-assessment tool, which will help users to implement and embed mastery learning in their school.

Where to find them?

InfoMentor will be on Stand B200. Apparently, if you ‘find Teacher Toolkit at BETT’, there is a prize to be won!

It looks at though stand B200 is the place to be! Click to expand or download the floor plan?

2. Mussila

Mussila is a music game for children, designed by Icelandic gaming studio Rosamosi, this app is for 6+ years old to assist with learning the basics in music.

Mussila is based on a thoroughly planned curriculum, made to encourage the child’s self esteem through accomplished and fun play.  It is a zero violence and gender neutral adventure in which children learn musical understanding they can build on for life.

The aim of the app is to travel with the Mussila band and participate in jam sessions with musical monsters, taking place on mountainsides surrounded by mystical creatures. The player progresses through skill building levels by recognising different instruments and defining rhythms and melodies. It’s a musical-monster adventure, bringing the magic of music through fun and creative play!

Where to find them?

Mussila will be at stand B200. They are looking forward to introducing the Mussila series to primary school teachers.

Other people to see?

Here are our top five:

  1. ClassCharts speaking in Saturday 28th January from 13.30pm
  2. ShowMyHomework at stand F130
  3. Samsung at stand F205
  4. Piota at stand H80
  5. GL Assessment at stand B149
  6. and TeacherIn at stand C300.

Don’t Forget!

@TeacherToolkit will be speaking at BETT Show. So, why not come along to hear our top ‘10 Social Media Secrets.’

Where to find us?

We will be speaking at the BETT Futures stage on Saturday 28th January at 11.45am.

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