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What have been the most influential content in January 2016 and what characteristics make information reach further than expected?

It appears – but not exclusively – that tweets that contain an engaging statement, an image, a hashtag and a hyperlink to a website (for further reading) engage a wider audience.

Here are the most popular tweets from my Twitter account during the month of January 2016. This information has collated by Twitter Analytics and Buffer. You can click on any of the images to open up the original content. It will prove an interesting read for teachers keen to explore the potential of social media.

The Story So Far:

In January 2016, I have tweeted over 1,000 times, averaging 40 tweets per day. Typically, I send more information in the evenings and at weekends. Please note, I programme tweets so that I can continue with my life at work and at home. I am not on a device 24/7. Instead, I make social media work for me using coding and applications to share content.

Over 6 million people have seen my tweets this month, with 49,000 of you visiting my Twitter profile. Over the past 25 days, 3,000+ people have chosen to follow my tweets with 4,000+ copying me into your messages! That’s a lot of content for me to read too!

My tweets earned 6.3M impressions over this 28 day period with 221.8k impressions per day.

Twitter Analytics
Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

First Day Back:

After Christmas 2015 and the day before teachers returned to work, this image proved popular with a link to a positive blog about teaching. Click to view.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

On the first day actually back at work/school, I tweeted out this image:

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

Both the above images proved the most popular of the month.


This tweet gathered the most engagement, with many followers clicking to read more. When content is properly engaged, you will see a couple of hallmarks of that connection:

People will retweet you.

  • People will @Mention you.
  • People will favorite your tweets.
  • People will follow you.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics


This tweet gathered the most impressions, with over 7,000 people reading, skipping past the details and seeing the content (without clicking), or those clicking to read more.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics


This tweet on 1st January 2016, reached over 220,000 people.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

Buffer Analytics

Buffer Analytics


Finally, here is proof, that tweets with images gain more clicks. Over the past 30 days, I have tweeted over 1,000 times with 56% of those tweets containing an image. As a result, 73% of my audience engaged with the content. Just take a look at the right diagram below and compare the left bar (image posts) to links and text posts.

Buffer Analytics

Twitter Analytics:

This analysis by Twitter is free. If you are interested in what works on social media, you should really be looking at this data. There is so much to discover.

For example, 73% of my audience is based in the United Kingdom, with 14% are based in London where I live and work. 9% of my readers are from the USA and this blog has been read in 211 countries! Overall, 63% of Twitter accounts included in the analysis state that they are female readers and 90% of them involved in education. I would not be able to know this information without Twitter Analytics.

For me, this helps me decipher what my readers want to read and why.


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