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Do people who sit at roundtables, pondering policy in their ivory towers, actually know what they are doing?

Workload would be easier if teachers understood the benefits! say DfE advisers!

Yes, I know, these headlines drive me mad too! Please hang on to your mobile devices and stay firmly in your seat; find something solid to hold on to – preferably fixed to the floor – to stop you from throwing it at someone. Warning: Read the rest of the impromptu blog in isolation; preferably away from students, parents and loved ones; protect your own well-being and frustrations …

Members of government-appointed groups investigating how to reduce teacher workload believe the burden could be eased if staff understood the benefits of what they have to do, TES can reveal. (Source)

One moment …

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Hang on.

… I’ve just had to picked myself back up off the floor!

That’s right. We need a better understanding of our work, in order to address our own workload.

Dr Mary Bousted, general secretary of the ATL, said: “A year on from the government’s Workload Challenge, little has changed. [Workload] is damaging teachers’ health, making many want to leave the profession, and means they are exhausted in class.”

Pragmatic Advice:

One year on, we are still waiting. Understanding our workload may help us understand what we are being asked to do, but this advice won’t actually help us to be able do it.

I’ve written countless times about practical solutions to the Workload Challenge. If there are no pragmatic solutions and/or changes in national policy or funding, then nothing, other than guidance will come about as a result of the three working parties. It will simply be hot air.

As a reminder, the working groups are;

  1. Lesson Planning.
  2. Marking.
  3. Data Management.

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I may just stay under my desk if anymore nonsense comes out of this. There are sensible and experienced people sitting on each of these committees, in a position of trust and power. They are speaking on behalf of all of us, and someone needs to have a tantrum at DfE headquarters. If we do not kick up a fuss, I fear all we will read is further guidance and no further change in national policy.

I look forward to any useful strategies being implemented from the result of these working parties. I will hold my breath.

In the meantime, I look forward to meeting with some national union representatives over the coming weeks; starting with @CyclingKev tomorrow, who is the deputy general secretary of the National Union of Teachers.


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  1. Sorry you didn’t feel able to publish my last comment re
    I think it was my sarcastic reference to your classrooms reached counter which you don’t seem to be able to rename or remove.
    I was surprised by the tone of your blog as if you were delivering breaking news
    Anyway I won’t contact you again. You think I am a troll but I am not. I am a humble teacher trying to make a difference.

    1. Hi.
      Have read your blog. Have spoken about stat counter before; it records number of page visits, not visitors. I can rename it; just chose to record ‘potential’ classrooms reached. If it helps, unique visitors are currently at 1.6 million visitors across the world with 85% based in UK. One could say, that’s over 1 million people in the UK. I have no idea if they are all teachers, but would have a guess that most are. Whether this impacts on their thinking and classroom practice, I have no idea. Just blogging and sharing my views.

      Workload blog – no breaking news. Just keeping the message prominent for majority of my readers who may not be up to speed with policy. Not everyone who reads my blog uses Twitter.

      Please do keep in touch.

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