Thirty Words in 30 Seconds

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Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit in 2010, and today, he is one of the 'most followed educators'on social media in the world. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the '500 Most Influential People in Britain' by The Sunday Times as a result of...
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How can we help teachers access quick and easy professional development?

Thirty Words in 30 Seconds is a crowd-sourced project via Twitter, designed to provide free CPD advice for all teachers working in UK schools. This 180-page is a free PDF document for teachers.

What advice would you give?

In August 2014, I asked; what advice would you give to a fellow teacher, or someone starting out in the profession. The only criteria? That the advice had to be written in less than thirty words and be shared in less than 30 seconds.

“The most significant action that has had a sustained impact on my professional development, including visiting other schools, is being observed and observing other teachers.” @TeacherToolkit.

Download the booklet

Download the 180-page PDF copy below.

Thirty Words in 30 Seconds by @TeacherToolkit

Contributing Authors

Teachers that feature in this free e-book are listed below. Please could I take a moment to say thank you to everyone!

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@TeacherToolkit @eddiekayshun @LittleGirlGoth @sarah_gilo
@_singsun @EYFteach @LizBPattison @sgort100
@1julie @fabenglishteach @lukesow @SheinaWright
@al_ackof @finch_lj @macaroni_mum @simondis
@aliarmlee @food_teacher @markabedford @sisloan
@alice_mcennerney @fredaggle @matthewmoor3 @SJHG28
@amandasalt @geogjo @maxandtedteach @spedtools
@AndreaWoodfall @Gilotp39 @mdearden79 @SporterEdu
@AnnaLiseGordon @ginas_g @MFelstead13Mark @steacym
@annaloualton @Gymbosh @miss_mclarenf1 @Stephen_Logan
@AnneSturgess2 @HaganDr @missandersonpe @stephendrew72
@anniegottago @halo2me @missdenzil @stowdawn
@ashufflebotham @hannahlahmet @misshannahhist @Sullivan_scotty
@audrymaeve @HeadGeog @MissKnott12 @sunnyfieldsmrr
@awitheyman @hecticteacher @misslambert28 @TalkingDonkeyRE
@bakermaths @hesslelabour @MissLFrosty @tambotaylor
@beazeley @ianhirst101 @mr_n_wood @TammieMatos
@beccishaw @iansmason65 @mrlongdenextra @TandLteam_myton
@beingMissR @iantindal @mrsbuckle62 @teach2infinity
@Benita_Business @IC_Teaching @mrsmaciver @teacherstaples
@Benneypenyrheol @ideasclass @mrtmaths @theshortt
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@bmos @iTeachRE @nades359 @travelgeordie
@bocks1 @jackjem @NickchesterUTD @treesy99
@brownkakatie @jamessmith192 @NickyCHawkins @trekkiep
@business_rt @jillberry102 @nicolajoyce4 @TrulyMands
@captainrobs @joanne_carrie @NorahColvin @walshsmile
@carmelhealth @JOHNMAYO @OlutiLola @WatsEd
@cazzwebbo @johnwilsonedu @orangeteacher @WellacreTL
@Celticdamien @JoPrestia @PairandShare @wilkinsonw10
@chriscaridi1 @k8lw @paulgarvey4 @echeadmaster
@classroomkites @karendodd3 @pcoutas
@clements_tom @Karengeorgedona @primary1teacher @gbremote
@cpd123abc @kcooney @principalGNSJS @DHSBProctor
@dave2004b @kelly_juliette @priteachmrsw @Lamb_heart_tea
@daveakasarah @kerrypulleyn @prufraser @LCCMagsTutor
@daverankin1 @kevinbilly18 @pruman21 @Maz Trow
@debhowells @kriah @purplehelljam @KCook_History
@donnapg15 @lagoyianni @ReynoldsBSGD @mizzy999
@DrewQuayle @LancingLearning @rkclancy @NickchesterUTD
@Dubai_Teachmeet @lancslassrach @rlj1981 @nowmrsbeattie
@e_howson @LCCTutorKim @robertsniomi @sarahtodd10
@eddiefalshaw @LesleyMunro4 @robinjmarsden @vickiteaches
@ eliz_wi @lisspeacock @ruthstimpson @Loo 9


13 thoughts on “Thirty Words in 30 Seconds

  1. TT this is a great resource thanks for putting it together. I love the range of advice that’s given by everyone.

    Just one typo I noticed on @markabedfords advice where there is a missing ‘they’ in the 30 words

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