Whole-School Teaching and Learning


This resource offers a methodology to help you get thinking about reshaping teaching and learning culture in the teams and departments you work with, with example documentation to support teachers and school leaders who are aiming to take this methodological approach across a whole organisation. 

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Teaching and learning is a complicated business, and the increasing levels of accountability and the need for teachers to ‘show progress’ mean that it is becoming an ever more pressurised business too.

Add to this the development of the field of cognitive science, particularly cognitive load theory, and the pressures on our teachers to teach critical thinking skills, it is clear that teaching and learning has become even more complex and nuanced for our schools and professionals in recent years.

One of the most eye-opening experiences of working with thousands of teachers is the nuance found between classrooms within one school. In terms of expectations for teachers, it is therefore essential that a degree of clarity is communicated, rather than compliance. 

I am confident this resource provides you with the tools to reboot teaching and learning culture.



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