The 5 Minute CPD Conference Plan


This resource is for teachers who attend professional development events and want to a) get the most out of it and b) have a simple methodology for disseminating their experiences.

I have used this template as a script when attending training sessions and/or keynotes. This resource offers a step-by-step process to help you plan your day for low effort and maximum impact.

  • The template is shared as a PDF.
  • There is a video explainer.

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Many solid research publications recommend how best to deliver professional development, but not so much about how individuals get the most out of attending a training event or conference.

This NEW 5-minute CPD/conference planner provides a simple script to follow or adapt to help you get the most out of your training day, add value to those around you and give you something to refer to when back with colleagues to help disseminate best practices…

It is inspired by my own experiences and leading 100s of training days.

There are over 45 other templates!

I hope this #5MinPlan influences your practice.



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