Tantalising Question Teasers

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This download includes 5 questioning templates for you to use and redesign for your classroom setting. Alongside the templates are some examples with a short explanation.

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Questioning is the number one strategy all teachers must master. Without it, their ability to assess the learning, navigate the discussion and inspire students will be limited. It’s also important for teachers to develop a wide repertoire of questioning techniques. Across this website, you will find many different strategies and blog posts describing the techniques in more detail.

Tantalising Teasers offers another method.

In the classroom, a tantalising teaser is an amuse-bouche (or food for the brain) and one that makes students smile. These questions and thoughts draw on lots of ingredients such as lateral thinking problems, posers, riddles, anagrams, wonderments and philosophical questions to fire new connections and get the brain loosened up and agile.


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