Webinar: Observational Bias


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Teachers want to be better in the classroom, yet usually, school observation models evaluate performance rather than drive improvement. There is another way to develop teachers using microscopic-observation.

This resource contains a 45-minute walkthrough webinar, a PDF resource pack and set of slides/ideas you can edit for yourself. This will help teachers and school leaders learn more about research methods used and how to adapt these ideas back in the place of work to improve teaching, as well as your pupils’ potential.


Why? When you asked a room full of teachers, “Hands up who works in a position of leadership which gives you the permission to observe other teachers?” you will see a large number of hands raised. Taking this further: “Keep your hands up if you have received any formal training?” The numbers of ‘hands up’ tend to drop dramatically. When you then ask if anyone left has a formal qualification in observational practice, all the hands in any room disappear!

How? This webinar offers a teacher training process to help teachers understand lesson observation better from an academic and researcher lens. As a result, evaluating the quality of teaching and learning will improve, classroom doors will open and teachers will develop as a result.

Who? This training is perfect for experienced teachers and school leaders who wish to explore cognitive science and discover how to instil action-research approaches to teaching and learning at a classroom level.

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