Webinar: Building A Behaviour Ethos


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This behaviour webinar builds upon several pieces of research and published books; this resources contains a walkthrough (50-minute) and a PDF resource pack and set of slides/ideas you can edit for yourself. This will help new teachers adopt key principles of good behaviour management over time to support self‐regulation in pupils, instil classroom routines and also, reduce teacher workload.

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With behaviour management in the classroom, there is one keyword. Consistency.

Consistency within any school or college requires teamwork, quality communication and training, as well as students seeing being clear about expectations and the consequences of their right and wrong actions. As a teacher, you will need to ensure that every decision you make is dealt with fairly, transparently and on an individual needs basis. This tailored approach requires routine and the ability to be able to adapt on as and when it happens; the need to be one step ahead is what can make teaching so exhausting.

Consistency is fundamental to what you do as a teacher, whether you are in your first year or your 30th   year in the classroom. Once you have got to know your students well, have developed a secure overview and a strong set of relationships, this mutual respect can secure silence at the drop of a hat.


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