Action Learning for Schools


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In schools and colleges, the number one stress is finding time and space to build teams, to plan, to reflect and to train. Action Learning provides a solution.

In collaboration with Goldsmiths College, University of London, these resources provide you with all you need to master and implement Action Learning.

This download includes:

  1. An 11-page slideshow to help with delivery and planning.
  2. A 20-page script that walks you through the materials.
  3. Six audio files (41 minutes) to support the script – here is an example audio file.
  4. Plus a 3, 10 and 20-minute video demonstration.


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Action Learning is a form of structured discussion that allows a department, management team or staff group to find solutions to challenges, to learn how to repeat successes and to develop and improve their work situations. It is a tool used widely in public and corporate organisations and friendship groups around the world. By the time you have listened to these six modules, you will be ready to try Action Learning for yourself.

  1. Module one outlines the main theoretical and practical aspects of Action Learning
  2. In the second, the process of Action Learning is described in step by step detail
  3. Module three outlines what is expected of the members in an Action Learning Set
  4. In the fourth module, four the listening and questioning skills required of individuals are outlined.
  5. The fifth module offers alternative methods to adapt circumstances in your own organisation.
  6. This final module offers training and organisational development.

This is a course on Action Learning led by John Bayley and Lynda Haddock – in collaboration with Ross McGill.


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