😂 Just For Fun: 16 Best Teacher Jokes

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Lynn How

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Are you ready for your pupils’ to roll their eyes at you?

I’ve collected a variety of teacher jokes for you to throw in to your lessons over the last few days of term. Depending on your pupils’ ages, they might find them really funny … Or they may not 🙈</p>. For older pupils, also try some of these.

Q: What do you do if a teacher rolls her eyes at you?
A: Pick them up and roll them back.

Q: How do the fish get to school?
A: By octobus!

Q: Why did the teacher write on the window?
A: Because she wanted the lesson to be very clear!

Q: What’s a teacher’s favourite month?
A: August.

Q: Why did the teacher only allow measuring tape in the classroom?
A: She wanted to be the only ruler.

Q: Teacher: I hope I didn’t see you looking at Joshua’s exam?
A: Student: I hope you didn’t either.

Q: How is an English teacher like a judge?
A: They both give out sentences.

Q: What does a snake learn in school?
A: Hiss tory.

Q: Why is 2+2=5 like your left foot?
A: It’s not right.

Q: What are ten things teachers can always count on?
A: Their fingers!

Q: Why doesn’t the sun go to university?
A: Because it has a million degrees!

Q: What is a math teacher’s favourite dessert?
A: Pi!

Q: What happened when the teacher tied all the kids shoe laces together?
A: They had a class trip!

Q: Have you heard about the teacher who was cross-eyed?
A: She couldn’t control her pupils!

Q: Why did the teacher marry the site manager?
A: Because he swept her off her feet.

Q: Why was the geometry book so adorable?
A: Because it had acute angles.

We hope that your last few days are of term are enjoyable. From everyone at @TeacherToolkit.

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