🎙️ Podcast 135: The Power of Technology in the Classroom

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Libby Isaac

I am a former Head of School, I now work more flexible working hours as I have a very young family. I am a Teaching and Learning Co-Ordinator for a Secondary School. I am an experienced senior leader and school improvement consultant. I am a...
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How useful is technology within the languages community and how can this reduce teacher workload?

In our 135th podcast we interview Joe Dale, an independent languages educator from the UK who works with a range of teachers and organsiations across the globe …

In this podcast, listen to Joe and Teacher Toolkit podcaster, Libby discuss:

  • A discussion about modern foreign languages (MFL) and recruitment barriers.
  • How has Brexit affected MFL teachers and students?
  • What are some of the fundamental characteristics required to achieve good MFL teaching?
  • The power of the Twitter and social media community for teachers.
  • The use of technology within the classroom.
  • A discussion around the learning environment.
  • Plus, how to help and manage workload and aid staff wellbeing.

Listen to the podcast (45 minutes)

You can follow Joe on Twitter and discover more on the MFL Twitterati Podcast.

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One thought on “🎙️ Podcast 135: The Power of Technology in the Classroom

  1. I’m really impressed with all the work Joe Dale has done. He is not just a teacher of foreign languages, he studies language learning from the psychological side, namely what factors can influence their learning. He has a wealth of experience having worked with teachers all over the world. I agree that modern society has barriers to hiring, but I would also like to add that this is a huge stress for a person. I benefited greatly from the podcast because it was mentioned how to deal with a heavy workload at work or school, and how to deal with it correctly. That is, mentioning the correct distribution of time makes it possible to self-organize your work system so that there is no heavy workload. Technology plays a big role in our lives, and even more so in education, so I would like to note that I am very glad that the use of technology in education is simply the first necessity in the education system.

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