Reducing Social Isolation For Vulnerable People

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No Isolation AV1


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How can technology support vulnerable pupils out of school?

Recent school closures have, once again, moved lessons back online and UK schools are continually adapting to a new way of working.

Throughout the pandemic, many teachers have found themselves navigating a hybrid of in-person lessons and remote learning options, otherwise known as blended learning. Whilst the hope is that students will return to the classroom as soon as possible, it appears as if blended learning is now a viable long-term option for more pupils.

This approach to teaching certainly flips the idea of the traditional classroom on its head. However, it offers an exciting opportunity to understand how the learning experience can be personalised and adapted to suit the diverse needs of all students. The greatest challenge teachers now face is finding a blended learning approach that incorporates both the key elements of effective teaching and the school experience for those learning at home.

Connected to school whilst at home

A distance learning avatar makes it possible for children and young adults with long-term illness to take part in school.

The AV1 is a blended learning tool designed specifically for this purpose, No Isolation helps reduce loneliness and involuntary social isolation with warm technology and supports lessons delivered to absent students in real-time.

This means teachers can interact, question and teach as they normally would. Through AV1, students have the ability to control their studies whilst still having the chance for direct peer and teacher discussion – from home.

I was so impressed with No Isolation, that following an inspiring visit to Parklands Primary School in Leeds, we managed to donate a device to the school!

How is the device implemented in school?

The device:

  1. Can be easily moved to different areas of the classroom.
  2. Offers the potential for students to access most aspects of the curriculum.
  3. Helps pupils take part in tutor times, assemblies and extracurricular activities
  4. Supports the social and emotional development of those who are shielding or too ill to attend school.

Whilst teachers endeavour to maximise student engagement during this time, there is no need for teachers to alter their lesson plans. The device can be used in tandem with other online learning platforms, such as Google Classroom, and allows teachers to provide pupils with live feedback.

No Isolation with AV1 allows pupils to have a presence in the classroom and feel integrated with their classmates. It also ensures that no child is forced to learn in isolation.

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