A Solution To Teacher Recruitment Costs

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How can schools improve their recruitment strategy and meet the needs of potential teachers?

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing, its critical schools are well-staffed. For teachers wanting to make the move to a new school, the last term proved to be a difficult period. It would have been a challenge to find time to search for a new role whilst juggling the new world of remote learning, and adapting lesson plans to deliver online.

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Now is a good time for both sides of the recruitment coin (schools and job-seeking teachers) to choose a new way of seeking or advertising jobs. A new way that will enable funds that were spent on recruitment advertising to be better spent in the classroom.

Teaching Vacancies is the free, government-run recruitment service set to be a game-changer for thousands of job seekers because it streamlines all teaching vacancies to one site!

Why schools don’t need to spend money on recruitment advertising

The issues posed by teacher recruitment are not new.

Working in challenging schools over the past 25 years, through no fault of their own, the schools I worked in would spend huge sums of cash on advertisements with recruitment agencies. No matter what avenue was taken, there was still a poor uptake of applicants, with the success rate being hit and miss despite budgets (sometimes) exceeding £100K on an annual basis! There were a variety of reasons: poor application templates for candidates, HR teams uploading the same vacancy to multiple sites, and a lack of applicants for obvious reasons!

In the interim period where we couldn’t fill a vacancy, my schools would also spend unnecessary cash on supply teachers, hoping that the paid adverts were being seen by the right audience.

Making Teaching Vacancies a success

Headteachers and others have actively campaigned on social media, myself included, to see a national teacher-vacancy service freely available to schools. The Department for Education heard our demands and has provided us with a simple, free, and easy to use job recruitment website for teaching roles: Teaching Vacancies.

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why you and your school would not turn towards this alternative and mainstream solution. The service is a simple way all schools can now reduce the unnecessary cost of advertising. It puts schools in control of their own recruitment – they can advertise as many times as needed and directly upload and edit the vacancies – the majority of schools in England have already signed up!

With the service used by thousands of job-seeking teachers across the country, it also promises to help schools attract new talent into their region as all advertised roles are visible to job-seeking teachers across the country too.

Teachers need to have it as their go-to site too

Teaching Vacancies Orange 100percent Bg Logo CmykTo make the service a success, we must get to a point where not a penny of schools’ money is spent on recruitment; we need to raise awareness amongst jobseeking teachers in order that they visit Teaching Vacancies as their first port of call when considering a new role.

I remember spending hours scrolling through multiple job websites to find roles that suited me, having just one service will save both teachers and schools so much time!

Applying for jobs through the service will help schools reduce their reliance on traditional paid-for platforms. It has lots of benefits for job-seeking teachers – first and foremost, it is a central place where all teachers can find legitimate adverts – making it a game-changer for the teaching profession by streamlining all vacancies to one site!

3 reasons to use Teaching Vacancies for your next career move

  1. Teaching Vacancies is simple, easy-to-use, and takes the hassle out of searching through lots of job sites. Its new feature allows applicants to apply directly through the site.
  2. You can sign up for job alerts from across the country. You’ll be notified when new positions are added that match your criteria. This includes specific alerts for NQT suitable vacancies.
  3. All the roles come directly from schools so you know they’re real jobs and live vacancies –  one more (good) reason you’ll be saving the school money.

Teaching Vacancies is the free job search and listings service that schools asked for, and the government has delivered, saving schools millions of pounds to help put the cash back into classrooms. What’s not to like?


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