Podcast 77: Teaching A Canadian Curriculum

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Peter LeBlanc, headteacher Canadian Section, SHAPE

Joshua McGovern

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What does a Candian classroom look like, in a Ministry of Defence school in Belgium?

Our 77th interview is with Peter Le Blanc, the Principal of the Canadian section of MOD Shape International school on the NATO military base in Belgium.

In this podcast, listen to Peter and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss:

  • What made Peter move from Canada to work at SHAPE International School in Belgium.
  • Peter’s leadership experience and his background
  • What life has been like settling into a Ministry of Defence school
  • The challenges teachers face in Canada and at SHAPE International
  • The hallmarks of Canadian teaching
  • Hear more about his school’s culture-based goals
  • The elements of the school’s culture Peter is most proud of
  • Why classes in a Canadian classroom are combined and split grade classes
  • The best part of being a Principal and,
  • What it’s like to speak on TEDx and his top tips.

Listen to the podcast (27 minutes)

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You can follow Peter on Twitter and find out more on his blog, peterjleblanc.com


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