Podcast 58: Why Do We Ostracize Some Pupils?

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Shaun Dellenty LBGTQ

Joshua McGovern

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Do you support some children or all children?

This is a question we ask in our 58th interview with Shaun Dellenty, a teacher, school leader and author. His focus for the last 10 years has been on improving LGBT+ inclusion in schools. Hear why he left his school and home and how he escaped electroconvulsive therapy!

In this podcast, listen to Shaun and Teacher Toolkit founder, Ross McGill discuss:

  • How education and his sexuality affected him during his childhood
  • How the profession of teaching presented itself
  • How he accidentally became a school leader
  • Why Shaun had to create an LGBT+ training program in his school
  • Highlight some of the topics discussed in Shaun’s book Celebrating Difference
  • Explain the obstacles Shaun faced educating his staff members
  • Reveals what good coming out to his school community did for his mental health
  • Shaun’s thoughts on the protests against LGBT+ being taught in Birmingham schools
  • We also hear Ross share a brief insight into his mental health
  • Hear some tips for LGBT+ inclusion in the school workplace
  • Reveal an LGBT+ project Shaun is working on with the Department of Education
  • And what an average week looks like for Shaun…


Remember, our podcast is available on iTunes!

You can follow Shaun on Twitter and grab a copy of his book, Celebrating Difference A Whole School Approach to LGBT+ Inclusion on Amazon. You can also watch Shaun in video talk through his work and life. Find out more on his website: www.shaundellenty.com


In this new research paper, results showed that LGB teachers in rural communities lack the opportunity to speak their identity into existence at school, and often find their personal and professional identities incompatible, leading to low self-worth, depression and anxiety.

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