Podcast 52: How Do Organisations Support Schools?

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Joshua McGovern

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How do organisations support school infrastructure and students’ apprenticeships?

Our 52nd interview is with the Justine Salmon, a facilities manager at an international facilities management company. ABM look after 1,500 buildings across the U.K., including student accommodations. ABM have launched their Junior Engineering Engagement Programme (J.E.E.P) who are working in 9 schools across the country.

In this 30-minute podcast, the 29th interview in our 100 women series, you can hear Justine and Ross McGill discuss:

  • How the metropolitan police supported Justine in her education through a (YTS) youth training scheme
  • Highlight the width of roles available to young people working in facilities management
  • Discuss the shared skill sets between facility managers and school governors
  • Breakdown what J.E.E.P is and how it serves young people
  • Explain how the J.E.E.P teacher packs were designed with teacher’s workloads in mind
  • Explore how the perceptions of engineering ‘being a man’s career’ is slowly changing
  • Justine expresses her desire to see a greater endorsement of apprenticeships and alternative careers in education
  • How we can support young girls researching and looking for alternative careers more
  • The validity of long career breaks to raise children
  • Reveal ABM’s role in the electric vehicle industry in building and future proofing the infrastructure.

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You can connect with Justine on Linkedin and Twitter find out more about JEEP on their website and find out how teachers can save time, discover ABM resources and worksheets for your students. Justine is keen to become a school governor, so get in touch if you can help.

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