How To Help Pupils Improve Exam Results

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How can teachers and schools actually improve pupils’ exam performance?

An award-winning programme for primary and secondary schools is designed to improve pupil wellbeing and exam grades. The Me Power Academy is now available online and uses the latest neuroscience insights to engage parents and supports teacher’s professional development. I’ve taken a closer look to unpick why I think it’s something worth shouting about …

What is The Me Power Academy?

The Me Power Academy is based on six core principles:

  1. Understanding brain functions and building better habits
  2. Boosting motivation and personal drive
  3. Improving concentration, focus and productivity
  4. Supercharging learning and exam performance
  5. Controlling emotions and improving confidence
  6. Planning for success in school and life.

During the last decade, Tougher Minds have worked with state and private schools to develop helpful lifestyle and learning habits among pupils, parents and teachers. Above all, action research has shown these can be successfully taught and lead to improved learning and exam performance, wellbeing and other beneficial behaviours.

The training programme for schools and families

I have provided a short demonstration inside the ‘easy-to-use platform’ where I begin the first module as a teacher.


The new online Me Power programme is intended to support education and life success in the face of challenges experienced by young people and their families. It includes more than 50 videos, interactive lessons and resources which have been designed using scientific insight into human engagement and attention.

Me Power Academy

Download Resources

Furthermore, Me Power also provides more than 100 practical tactics and tips; as well as the option to receive daily triggers for helpful habit development. The A.P.E. test provides interesting insights. You can download an example A.P.E test below:

  1. A.P.E test  for teachers and,
  2. A.P.E test for young people.

This programme makes it easier for everyone in an education community to be healthy, happy and at their best in a challenging world. When people start working through our programme they see results fast and find they can flourish in the face of life’s challenges. (Founder, Dr. Jon Finn)

What impact can it have?

As a result, Me Power Academy helps pupils develop resilience in order to improve their overall performance. Having worked on the Tougher Minds programme as a deputy head teacher, I can vouch for the impact it has on pupil performance. Finally, the Me Power programme is suitable for every stage of education and includes support for families as well as professional development for teachers.

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