7 Planning Tips For September Readiness

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Anna Wells

Anna has an MA in Applied Linguistics and came into teaching via Schools Direct in 2013. She currently works at a prep school in Greater London teaching English and has previously been an Assistant Head, focusing on assessment. She is a self-confessed football nerd and...
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What can we do to get ready for September?

The end of the school year is drawing ever closer and we are starting the slow countdown to the summer holidays. The last half term is incredibly busy with a lot of important things to prioritise, yet as teachers we are always looking ahead to the next term. Planning now is crucial!

Whether or not you know your class/timetable for next year yet, it is always worth getting ahead of yourself and seeing what you can do before you switch off and relax for the holidays.

7 Ways You Can Start Planning

Here are some top tips to help you with planning ahead for September.

1. Know the curriculum you are teaching from

Whether it is a new year group or class, knowing what they need to aim for by the end of the year will help you with planning the content that you are going to teach them.

2. Order any stationery that you need

This is something that can easily be over-looked, especially if you are starting in a new school.

Find out as soon as you can whether there is a budget, what you are responsible for and what will arrive on your desk before September comes. No-one wants to walk in on the first day and panic about where the pencils are!

3. Be aware of any policy changes

Do you need to brush up on a new behaviour policy? Has the marking policy had a slight tweak?

Start getting in the routine now before it is implemented; perhaps ask if you can have a trial run before the term ends to iron out any problems.

4. Plan your first week’s lessons

It sounds like an easy thing to do, but the weeks slip away and before you know it its September and your new class are arriving at your door.

If you have other colleagues in your year group/department, allocate subjects now so you know what you have to do. Feeling confident before you return will really help you get off on the right foot with your new class.

5. Look at the calendar and be aware of important dates

Is there a trip coming up in the first term that you need to do the risk assessment for? Have you accidentally put your name down for something that is happening in the first week back?

Plan your time in now so you are not caught unawares when you arrive back in September.

6. Get to know your class

This may be an obvious thing to say, but it is also worth looking at their data before you start. Who do you need to be aware of? Who will need extra support/intervention?

Knowing this now will help you plan groupings and timetables. If you are in primary, find out if any new children are joining the school; make them feel welcome by having their labels prepared for when they start.

7. Plan your free time to make sure it happens

If you are rushing around during the last few weeks of the holidays you won’t feel as refreshed as you could be before term starts again.

Setting aside some time for school work or a deadline to get it finished makes you more appreciative of the free time you will have when it is all done!

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  1. would love to do the getting to know class and planning lessons, but with no scheme of work or class lists given to us before the end of term I am stuck … and not impressed

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