Podcast 23: Is Teaching The Best Job In The World?

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Joshua McGovern

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What is best practice, and is teaching the best job in the world?

Our 23rd guest is Vic Goddard, the head teacher of Passmores Academy in Harlow, Essex. Vic has been a head teacher for 9 years.

In this episode, you can hear Vic and Ross McGill:

  • reminisce about Vic’s school days and highlight the best qualities of his teachers
  • explain why the accountability structure within education needs to change
  • talk about the best ways teachers and schools can reduce workload
  • tell us what Vic’s reading at the moment
  • talk about new practices Vic is trialing with his staff.


You can follow Vic on Twitter here and find out more about his book The Best Job in The World here.

2 thoughts on “Podcast 23: Is Teaching The Best Job In The World?

  1. IT was, for a while! I am an (55 years old) Italian teacher (sorry I don’t Know very well English language!) and I am really disappointed about this work. I really don’t like anymore Italian schools, because we don’t have anymore the freedom to teach. The headmaster can decides everything and he cares only about the number of the students in “his school”, we don’t talk anymore about education, in general. The manager cares only that the student reaches number ‘6 ‘, not the real student’s planning for his future Life. I mean we are good teachers if we give to our students….number 6 (or more), even if the student is not good enough.
    I teach Italian and History but now I would like to change something , I really would like to learn English language and English culture. I would like to live for a while (6 month?) abroad in England to speak English (I never using) and to visit English schools to compare the different environment. But how can I do? I could take a gap year, but I need the permission to visit English schools (and I have no idea if it is possible and how) and a temporary job, obviously. Could you help me?
    best regards
    Lorella Bragantini

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