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Talah Kaddourah

Talah is a former student of Ross McGill and has been formally working with Teacher Toolkit since January 2018. She is responsible for the marketing aspect of all social media channels. She is currently finishing off her masters degree at Leeds University in Political Communications...
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What were our highlights of BETT 2018?

Last month team TT attended the BETT show and we really enjoyed ourselves! I had time to walk round the show, chat to some of the exhibitors and take some photos. Here are some of the things that caught my eye.

1 Snap Revise

Online resource for both GCSE and A Level content, offering exam-board specific lessons and online seminars designed and taught by Oxbridge graduates. With the admirable mission of making quality tuition accessible for all, copious schools have approached SnapRevise via recommendations made by students alone. The creators have too found an unexpected audience in teachers that love to use the resources to aid lesson planning.

2 Space For Me

Designed and manufactured 100% British, SpaceForMe is a brand that creates awesome classroom furniture and unique and clever study spaces spaces. Our particular favourites were the ‘The One’ and ‘The Classic’ chairs that bring colour and personality into the classroom whilst making it impossible for students to swing backwards… Genius!

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3 Class VR

ClassVR is a convincing advocate for the validity of the place of virtual and augmented reality within the classroom, as a tool for lesson planning, classroom management and independent learning. The standalone headsets come with an ever-growing archive of exam-board specific resources and offers a new engaging, exciting and governable sensory experience that can be well utilised when teaching visually rich content.

4 Mrs Wordsmith

Using data science to determine the 10,000 most academically relevant words in the English language, Mrs Wordsmith provides fun resources for building vocabulary, as well as strengthening story-telling skills through fantastic illustrations and visual humour. The simple but effective resources not only assist in aiding students understanding of the meaning of new words but also ensure these words can actually be used in context, paring words likely to appear next to each other in a sentence.

5 Team TT

Ross Morrison McGill shared his social media secrets on Saturday morning – you can watch the full presentation that we live streamed here – and he also welcomed Duncan from Wilson from Edukey on stage.

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Before heading off we also grabbed a team selfie! What a great show – we’re looking forward to next year! Send us your photo highlights of BETT!

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