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How can you make more engaging content for your classroom, for blogs and for social media in general?

Before the summer, I discovered the fabulous app, PicPlayPost and lots of followers have been asking ‘how do you make those videos?’ This post shares what it is and how to create your own engaging content.

According to PicPlayPost, “over 10 Million users have discovered the simplest way to create captivating stories with photos, videos, GIFs and music.
 PicPlayPost is the only app that allows you to stitch multiple collages together into a slide show. Combine photo and video collages and add stunning transitions specifically created to highlight your collages.”

It really is a great way to share simple ideas and thoughts ‘on the go’.


How could you use this app in your classroom? For blog posts and for social media updates? Here are 3 examples I have made – you can visit here to see others – with a tutorial in the footer. Do remember, if uploading on to Instagram, the video must be shorter than 1 minute in length.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Video Tutorial

Here is an engaging tutorial by JC5 Productions

I use the app Pic Play Post to put together 15 second Instagram trailers for my videos. It’s a simple app to use and it’s a good way to format your video to fit into the square space of Instagram. You do need to have a 15 second clip ready to go beforehand as well as any titles or anything else. The app isn’t free though. It’s 1.99 at the App Store. No Android version yet. (JCS Productions).

This was posted in 2013 – you can see how late I am to the party!

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