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Holly Gardner

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If you were feeling cheeky, what would you say?

Earlier this week, we announced on Twitter and on Instagram, a ‘caption competition’ offering 6 education books up for grabs. We ask our followers to comment using the following image of Ross McGill, speaking at the National Digital Learning Awards in Swansea, June 2017.

Image: @HWBnews

Winning Entries:

We are delighted with the response and found many of your replies hilarious! We received over 60 and 12 entires on Twitter and Instagram retrospectively. After deliberating over the responses, here are our favourites from both social media platforms (and in no particular order).

1. “He told of this commandments to the world and in his hands: ‘Thou shall coach and coach well’. Well done Jack Wardle.
2. “This is how far Ofsted are away from being ‘self-reflective’”. Congratulations NeilJamesBrand!
1. “Yes sir… I was using this phone to record this pointless lesson where you are clearly violating my learning style. Am I bothered?” Well done @Bectully. Please get in touch.
2. “Ladies and gentlemen, it was this big. Say teachers about their to-do list. Thank you @QuietTam for the reminder!
3. “Look… I have so many followers, that even this picture of a wooden wall and clipboard will get 1000 likes and 500 retweets!” Very funny @sirmobbsalot!
and finally,
4. “Yes I know it sucks without the music, but the WIFI is down… With me in three? Y. M. C. A.
A timeless classic – thank you @MrsHsNumeracy.

Claim Your Prize!

There are 6 brilliant books to give away:

  1. The Restless School by Roy Blatchford.
  2. Playing With Fire by Mike Fairclough.
  3. Make It Stick by Brown, Roediger III and McDaniel.
  4. Liminal Leadership by executive headteacher, Stephen Tierney.
  5. Trivium 21c by Martin Robinson and finally,
  6. The School Leadership Journey by John Dunford.


Terms and conditions:
  • If you are one of our lucky winners, please contact us with your details and postal address.
  • Contact must be made within 14 days of this blog to claim your book prize.
  • Teacher Toolkit has the final decision
  • Only one book per winning entry.


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