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If you had just one choice, what would you choose?

Continue to work 60-hour weeks, or kick-back and refuse to mark books and reply to emails after school hours.

Twenty years ago, I watched the film Trainspotting and was recently impressed by the sequel, Trainspotting 2. I’ve decided to be somewhat-creative and adapt the monologue by Ewan McGregor (who plays ‘Rent boy’) for the teaching profession. It’s controversial and has the odd *expletive here and there. At its worst, it’s lighthearted and may inspire some readers to come up with their own.

Choose life.

Choose a job.

Choose teaching.

Choose to make a difference,

Choose a fuc4ing, big, highlighter pen.

Choose interactive whiteboards, staplers, and glue-sticks; TES Resources and non-stop piles of marking.

Choose ‘good’ teaching, performance management and reams and reams of data collection.

Choose a low salary and long working hours.

Choose a subject specialism and a classroom (if you’re lucky).

Choose your colleagues, but not your line manager.

Choose wall displays and matching schemes of work.

Choose a hire purchase, state-of-the-art photocopier in a range of monochromatic colours.

Choose ‘workload’ and wondering who you are on a Sunday morning.

Choose sitting in a meeting, listening to mind-numbing, spirit-crushing exam analysis, stuffing fuc4ing cake and biscuits into your mouth.

Choose slipping away at the end of it all, staring at a computer screen in a damp, miserable office. Nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, spoilt-little brats you’ve educated to replace yourself.

Choose your future.

Choose life.

Choose education.

Choose to make a difference …

You can listen to the original monologue here and the updated version here.

*Apologies to readers who are offended.

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