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What does effective coaching look like, and how can coaching be introduced into schools?

On Friday 15th September 2017, Chris Moyse and I will be piloting ‘Coaching For Schools’: a pragmatic training day for leaders of teaching and learning; for those interested in moving towards a coaching culture for observations.

Why Attend?

Some of the issues to be tackled on the day include: how can we use feedback more effectively in professional learning? Ideas for solution-focused approaches – scripting dialogue, as well as ideas how to kick-start coaching in your own school.

We will explore the most up-to-date ideas from research and practice to re-boot your thinking so you can return to school, equipped with strategies to use immediately. We will also give you the tools to deliver the training yourself so that you can share the resources with your colleagues and kick-start coaching in your school.


You can purchase a place at the event here for just £59.00. The location will be in Central London and the venue will be confirmed to ticket holders. Read draft details about the day.

If the event is a success, we hope to arrange more – once every half-term – around the U.K. So, if you can’t make this one, do let us know if you are interested in us organsing a similar event at a location near you. Leave your comments below.


To make the training day as useful as possible, we suggest that you focus on a particular area for personal development from your own teaching repertoire. If possible, a particular class and/or group of students.  It may help you to bring some information about the current observation framework you are using and information about the students to support your action planning. E.g, class data and a lesson observation proforma.

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Get in touch if you’d like more details or would like to sponsor the event or offer a venue.

Follow the hashtag, #Coaching4Schools and thank you for your interest. If you’d like us to lead this same event in another location, please leave your details below and location.

9 thoughts on “Coaching For Schools

  1. Ross and Chris,

    This sounds really exciting! I am keen to build a coaching culture in my own school and this looks like a great place to start. We currently still grade observations and this could provide us with a framework to move away from these. It would be great to see one of these sessions running in Bristol. Alternatively, I’m sure my school or another from the North Wiltshire Federation would be happy to host such an event for the South West region!

  2. This sounds great! I am very interested in moving from formal lesson observations to the coaching model. Unfortunately I cannot make the date on offer, but would definitely like to be informed of any future events (ideally in the North!)

  3. Hi Ross,
    Really interested in this day but wondered if you were likely to run it anywhere further north? Preferably in the Midlands?

  4. I have been asked to complete an audit of sports coaches and PE teachers at my school. We also have a number of academic staff who help in our co-curricular programme.

    The purpose is to help identify training needs by SMT and from my perspective, to encourage a growth mindset involving collaboration and sharing of good practice.

    Any thoughts where to begin?

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