The History Of Technology

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Holly Gardner

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Are children aware how far technology has come?

There is no doubt, that technology plays and will continue to play a huge role in educating our children. From interactive learning environments to cloud-based information hubs where students can access the information they need 24/7, the use of technology in education will always be evolving and changing.

Why is technology important in education?

The current generation in our schools, also known as the iGeneration, does not know what ‘a world without technology’ consists of; it’s part of every aspect of their lives and most children will be more tech-savvy than any of their elders.

While some people think that technology can affect children’s social skills and shorten their attention span, it is now known that media technologies actually stimulate children to learn, be creative and be more sociable. Technology can help children to problem-solve and understand narratives, stimulating and educating them in a way they understand, which can also be engaging.

Not only is technology helpful for pupils, it can also help teachers and parents track children’s educational progress, and it can be used for effective parent–teacher communication.

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The history of technology:

We should engage students in the history of technology and the evolution of communication. Why? Because most children today do not appreciate how far technology has come within the last 20–30 years. From the earliest letters being sent via horseback, to the first email being sent in 1971 to present-day communication involving video chat, social media and the use of drones, there is a lot more to learn about where our technology has come from and how it can help us develop further in the future.

If our students can learn about the history of technology and communication, this will stand them in good stead for working with the future of technology.

The UK technology market:

The demand for talent in the UK’s technology industry is growing due to the increase in the number of tech companies in the UK as well as foreign technology investment, but there is a shortage of digitally skilled workers in the UK labour market. Therefore, it would be wise to include more learning about technology in the school curriculum as a way of investing in the UK’s workforce and our economy.

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