10 Social Media Accounts to Aid Revision

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Beth Hartwell

Beth writes for the Teacher Toolkit site from a secondary perspective. She is currently a Lead Practitioner of Teaching and Learning at a school in York with a specialism of teaching secondary Science. She is currently teaching in a iPad school and is interested sharing...
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Can pupils use social media to revise?

Many pupils put off revision by looking at Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. Is there a way for pupils to revise “little and often” via social media? This is totally experimental but let’s have a go as there are some excellent revision accounts out there.

Here are the revision accounts – in no particular order – that I have found on social media for short, precise revision ‘on the go’. These could equally work for you and your pupils.


10. JustMaths Revision @ReviseJustMaths (GCSE Maths):

JustMaths Revision tweet past paper questions along side annotated answers. Everyday there is a new foundation and higher tier question with an answer on the next tweet.

9. German Everyday @GermanDailyWord (GCSE German):

This twitter account posts a German word a day to expand pupil’s German vocabulary. The words posted are not too complex which is great for GCSE level. I am still searching for a French equivalent.

8. Science Revision @Sci_Revision (GCSE Science):

Science Revision accounts are available to follow on multiple social media sites (Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat). They tweet a flash card a day about a key scientific word. The definitions that they provide are “pupil friendly” and easy to understand – perfect for my pupils revision.

7. MathsRevision @MathsTopTips (GCSE Maths):

This Twitter account tweeted some great Maths exam and revision tips last year.  I am hoping that it starts tweeting again so for now this account will remain in my top 10!


6. English_Tcha (GCSE English):

This is Chalk Hill Academy’s Instagram page for their pupils (what a great idea). They regularly post about exam technique, annotated texts and how to use key terminology.

5. ScienceRevision (GCSE Science):

The same as Science Revision above but on Instagram (I like their flash cards so much I included it twice).

4.  StudyWell (A-level Maths):

Upload images of A-level questions with annotated answers to show pupils how to achieve the correct answer. They regularly post their clear steps a couple of times a week.


3. HegartyMaths (GCSE Maths)

This YouTube channel is found by UK teacher of the Year, Colin Hegarty.  The channel uploads videos about key topics with straight forward steps on how the achieve the correct answer. Allowing pupils to watch videos at their own pace can aid in supporting pupils of different abilities.

2. Mrs Whelan’s English (GCSE/A-level English):

Mrs Whelan creates videos which concentrates on exam technique. She often uploads clips of her explaining command words within past papers and sharing model answers. I am a massive believer that exam technique needs to be taught and this channel supports this ethos.

1. Christopher Thornton (GCSE Science):

With the tag line of “Get that C in your GCSE” Christopher Thornton explains key topics within Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Clear explanations and clear images used – perfect to break down complex scientific ideas.


Some of these accounts are run by companies, some by schools and some by individuals. Remember to remind pupils about e-safety when they are using social media.

I do believe using social media for positive purposes can be very powerful, however, the pupils need to have the knowledge and guidance in order to use it properly.

Beth Hartwell writes for Teacher Toolkit.

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