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How can bloggers engage better with their audience?

Do you prefer to hear someone’s voice? Are you sick of emails? Well, after several years of blogging, I’ve found the perfect way to connect with readers. There is a fabulous widget I use on my website called Speakpipe which makes it easy for website visitors to contact you, leave feedback or discuss ideas. By adding the widget feature (look to the right-hand side of this webpage) Speakpipe will enable visitors to send voice messages from anywhere on your website by simply clicking on a button. You can customise without installing anything on your website. It’s a great feature.

Why not send me a message now and I’ll reply to you?


I thought it would prove a fascinating read/blog post to regular readers to see the wealth and variety of information, requests and topics discussed through my contact page on this site. It also showcases the need for teachers and educators to be supported worldwide and offers an insight into the wonderful world of blogging. After reading through some of the many messages I receive, you can read how the software works at the bottom of this post.

Here are a collection of voicemails I have received over the past 3 months.

  1. A message from a producer at ITV to be part of a social media panel
  2. A message from a teacher in India wishing to adapt the 5 Minute Lesson Plan for reading
  3. A collaboration opportunity from an education consultancy company
  4. A voicemail from a head of geography asking for advice (when working with ex-head of department)
  5. A message from ATL union to speak at a conference
  6. A message about guest-blogging opportunities
  7. A request for the answers to the ‘in tray exercise‘ from a teacher in Worcestershire
  8. A congratulations message from a teacher in Rio de Janeiro to say thank you for TakeAwayHmk resource saving the day
  9. A request for a Teacher Toolkit freebie from a teacher in Cornwall
  10. An article opportunity on mindfulness from a company in England
  11. A voicemail message from a teacher in Madison, Monterrey, Mexico
  12. Asking for support with research and teacher pedagogy (message from a teacher in Jordan)
  13. After reading this leadership series, permission to use and adapt your resources (message from company in Newcastle)
  14. Setting up a charter school (message from educator in the USA)
  15. A request for any dyslexic resources (message from a trainee teacher)
  16. A request to speak at a well-being  conference in England
  17. A voicemail to speak at a conference in Egypt
  18. To work with the BBC to share resources
  19. To share coaching resources and strategies with another school in London.
  20. To help plan a TeachMeet; to attend a TeachMeet in various parts of the UK
  21. Advice for job applications from NQTs and middle leaders
  22. A voicemail asking me to support an NQT with a cover letter
  23. A start-up company wants to share their website and resources with me.
  24. A request to be interviewed on our podcast show in USA.
  25. A message reply to a blog. The caller described ‘how we teach students in our curriculum’ (message from Lagos, Nigeria)

So, you can see for yourself. A real wide variety from the world of blogging …

1. Increase interaction with your audience

By adding SpeakPipe to your website, visitors will be able to send you voice messages from anywhere on your website by simply clicking on a button.

You can use a custom button or the SpeakPipe side button.

SpeakPipe also provides a hosted voicemail page, so you can receive voice messages without installing anything on your website.


2. Easy for visitors to send a message 

Visitors don’t need a SpeakPipe account to send you voicemail.

A message can be sent with just a few clicks without typing anything. Visitors can listen to their recording before sending it.

The widget allows them to record messages as many times as they want, so they can practice before sending it to you.


3. Reply to messages using your voice 

You can send a voice reply to messages from your audience.

With SpeakPipe you can send personalized voice greetings to your readers, listeners and subscribers.

It’s more engaging to receive voice messages and your audience will love to receive voice messages from you.


4. Get visitors’ contact details 

Visitors have the option of entering their contact information before sending a message.

By default these fields are optional but you can make them mandatory to make sure visitors leave their info, so you can email or call them back.

You can start off with a free plan which gives you 20 messages per month, with a maximum duration of each message 90 seconds.


This is not a product advertisement. I just think it’s brilliant!

Why not give it a try?

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