Nothing Works Everywhere! The Life Of A Deputy Headteacher

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How can we improve professional development for all support and teaching staff?

For the past three years, we have slowly modified our professional development culture. We are not there yet, but we are on our way to developing a marketplace of (CPD) professional development, available and led by all teaching and support staff at various levels of their career, rather than using a top-down-knee-jerk process for staff training.

That is why ‘what works’ is not the right question in education. Everything works somewhere, and nothing works everywhere. ~ Dylan Wiliam

Marketplace CPD:

The reason for publishing this evolving document is to:

  • showcase to staff the breadth of professional development on offer
  • display the range of our own staff sharing action research/ideas with their peers
  • communicate that CPD is planned over time and not a knee-jerk process.

You can download a copy of this booklet at the foot of this post.

Quintin Kynaston Marketplace Professional Development

There is a very strong commitment to CPD and people are starting to take responsibility for their own learning and development. People develop and share good practice at a departmental level … Investors in People – December 2015

At Quintin Kynaston (QK), continuing professional development is important, we have a strong emphasis on ‘continuing’ development and invest heavily in all staff. We have a transparent and rigorous CPD programme that is tailored to the needs of all our staff (see our CPD menu). Whether you join QK as a member of support staff, an NQT, a new teacher to the school or as a senior teacher, we tailor and provide CPD for all; always striving for excellence as standard.

Take a moment to watch our CPD video:

In June 2015, our school achieved bronze level CPD status from the Teacher Development Trust. Below is the summary of the report and I am pleased to report, we have worked hard to address the areas of development:


  1. An impressive financial investment in the CPD budget
  2. A strong informal collaborative culture within the school
  3. Examples of excellent collaborative planning and improvement within … curriculum teams.

Areas for Development:

  1. A move to identify fewer CPD foci, from student learning instead of teacher practice, with a greater focus on subject knowledge/pedagogy, and sustain these through the year
  2. Development of collaborative teacher enquiry across the school
  3. Continue to invest in career development for all staff with a focus on ensuring that provision and support is equally available to all.

We have some way to go, but we are putting in place the mechanisms for all our staff to thrive.


Before you download the file, click this and do let me know how you get on using: #MarketPlaceCPD.

To download a copy of this booklet, click here. Note, term 3-6 are ‘work in progress’ and as we are a Google school, there will be many ‘live hyperlinks’ to various resources within the document; when clicking through to any of the resources, you will not be given access as the demand would just flood my inbox!

*This resource is copyright of Quintin Kynaston.


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