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Ross Morrison McGill founded @TeacherToolkit in 2010, and today, he is one of the 'most followed educators'on social media in the world. In 2015, he was nominated as one of the '500 Most Influential People in Britain' by The Sunday Times as a result of...
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What are the most-read blogs in education throughout 2015/16?

I have to say, having a staycation has its advantages: the summer is long and time passes by at a very lethargic pace. However, this year it’s long overdue – 6 years to be exact – but I’m signing off from here for a couple of weeks in the sun.

From this point forward, anything published will be automated. To keep yourself occupied, here are the most popular blogs on Teacher Toolkit over the past 12 months.

Have you read them all?

  1. 8 Teaching Ideas to Bin in 2016 –  what fads should we get rid of? ~ 26,439 reads.
  2. Claim Back Your Weekend – mark smarter so you can have a weekend ~ 18,171 reads.
  3. Verbal Feedback Stamp Madness – stop making for observers ~ 17,097 reads.
  4. 12 Ways to Embrace Marking and Feedback – top marking strategies ~ 15,668 reads.
  5. 101 Great Teachers to Follow on Twitter – what teachers are you following? ~ 15,572 reads.
  6. The 7 Deadly Sins of Teaching – what is least desirable in education? ~ 14,648 reads.
  7. 101 Educators to Follow on Twitter – what educators are you following? ~ 12,237 reads.
  8. 26 Ideas for Sharing Best Practice – how can we share better? ~ 11,811 reads.
  9. Power from the Floor – collective marking professional development ~ 11,802 reads.
  10. Resilience Assembly – a school resource ~ 11,469 reads.
  11. 10 Great From Tutor Tips – one of the best jobs in education ~ 10,045 reads.
  12. Blogging Advice Your Headteacher Shouldn’t See – a blog about trolling colleagues ~ 9,229 reads.


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If you don’t know where to start with blogging, read 10 Tips for Blogging Teachers.

Have a great summer!


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