Bad Ideas

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How long do teachers waste time working on bad ideas? How often do we promote concepts, ideology and projects that have little or no impact on teaching and learning?

Most teachers will already have thought about what they’d like to achieve this academic year. But what about the things they’d like to see the back of? This post captures 3 ideas every teacher should bin in 2016.

Data-crunching will buckle our recruitment and retention hopes!

Bad Teaching Ideas Are A Waste Of Time!

There is an ever-increasing need for teachers to start taking back control of our profession. Isn’t it time we got rid of some of the nonsense in our education system? If you could throw away some teaching ideas, what would they be to help support the work they we all do in our schools?

What bad ideas would you put on the scrap-heap?

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At the tail-end of 2015, I thought about the teaching ideas posed by the Department for Education (DfE) that I’d like to see banished in 2016. Here are my top three suggestions:

  1. teaching character: a buzzword banded about by the DfE last year.
  2. lesson gradings: 50% of schools are still grading lessons.
  3. data crunching: exams analysis has never been greater; it will buckle our recruitment and retention hopes.

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What bad teaching ideas would you like to see put on the scrap-heap?

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