Webinar: Virtual INSET for Schools


This beginners guide to memory is recorded solo (without participants) to support your knowledge of types of memory, cognitive load and effective feedback, plus how best we can use this information to teach better.

The webinar is designed to support schools who have been asking me to record CPD sessions for teacher INSET days during remote teaching, remote INSET days and periods of self-isolation.

This resource contains a 45-minute walkthrough, a set of slides to reference, with several guided reading links.

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Over the last 3 years, I’ve been consciously developing my understanding of memory, building on the knowledge I’ve acquired from learning more about retrieval, spaced and interleaving practice as far back as 2011. Today, in my bid to take my understanding to an advanced level, I am undertaking a historical and neurological journey to broaden my knowledge deeper. My goal? To take my understanding of the brain and how this influences the way we can teach in the classroom.

I hope it helps you get started. You will need to pause and play the webinar where prompted to get the best out of this training.


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