Supporting Vulnerable Pupils


The ‘Iceberg Analysis‘ is a great tool for using with staff as a discussion point with new learners with SEN needs. The benefits help a teacher complete an SEN support plan, learn how others perceive the young person and adapt ideas into their own practice.

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When faced with a student’s observable challenging behaviours (ie, those visible above the waterline), teachers can work together to identify possible underlying causes for these behaviours (ie, those hidden below the waterline). The iceberg image supports the idea of conducting a functional behaviour assessment to recognise the communicative function or intent of a challenging behaviour. As a functional assessment tool, Iceberg Analysis is vital in building effective and efficient behavioural supports. It works well in a staff meeting setting where you can ask staff to work in pairs to brainstorm everything they know about the young person. It gets staff talking especially if you ensure that you mix people up with someone they don’t normally work with…

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