3 Non Verbal Tools for the Classroom


There are at least 9 different ways a teacher can provide feedback. Marking is just one of them. Inside this resource, there are 3 non-verbal examples (includes 2 short videos) to help reduce the marking burden and raise the profile of other forms of assessment …

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Marking is very much part of the day job. Without any form of assessment, A teacher and student would not know what to do next. However, not everything needs to be written, although sometimes it is helpful for ourselves as well as for our students to recall the progress that has been made. This is what we call ‘written feedback’.

I wonder how many of you could provide examples of written feedback, written feed up or written feedforward? What about non-verbal feedback, non-verbal feedforward and so on?

This resource unpicks the last 3 non-verbal approaches from a possible 9 strategies …


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