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Georgie Porter

Georgie began her career in education as a Science teacher working in schools around West Yorkshire since 2013. She has worked with education charities, as a school governor and most recently led on Global Citizenship for Dulwich College (Singapore). Georgie is particularly passionate about equity...
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Do you find applying for a teaching job straightforward or cumbersome and time-consuming?

I’m sure we’ve all spoken to someone who wants to leave their current teaching role, put off by the idea of sitting down and digging out their CV, or having to complete a 20 page application form.

No more repetitive form-filling!

Finding your next school and career move can be a tedious process. Repetitive applications and endless forms, we’ve all been there! Eteach offers a solution: teachers upload their CVs and let the platform’s AI software handle the rest. Doing this instantly builds the individual an ‘application form’ friendly profile on Eteach, enabling you to submit multiple applications at the touch of a button.

One profile for all applications; for now and every career move into the future!

This simplifies the application process and allows teachers to become easily searchable by schools looking for new talent. Eteach’s Talent Pool technology lets the schools come to you, not the other way around, making the whole process faster and more efficient. You can now spend more time preparing for your next opportunity!

5 reasons why should you consider Eteach

1.  Using one profile to seamlessly apply for teaching jobs opens up endless opportunities. Eteach’s member schools can be found on almost every continent, so having a great Eteach profile could be the key to securing a dream job here in the UK or abroad.

2. Job applications often overwhelm and discourage us. Inefficiency leads to valuable time being diverted from what matters most – teaching. Using Eteach, teachers can streamline their job search, allowing them to apply for multiple positions easily.

3. The platform also enhances teachers’ visibility to potential employers, increasing their chances of finding a suitable role faster. Eteach can be there for you throughout your teaching career, whether you are looking for your first role as an early careers teacher, taking the leap up to middle leadership, or finding your next senior leadership challenge. 

4. Eteach also uses its formidable presence to attract more teachers to the sector. Working with school-based initial teacher training (SCITTs) and Teaching School Hubs, our simplified application process and tailored support and advice for those interested have transformed SCITT recruitment across several areas.

5. Furthermore, members of Eteach will also have access to their exciting rewards programme! Launching in Autumn 2024, this programme will provide education staff with the benefits they deserve, with exclusive deals on retail, travel, and much more.

How to get started?

Teachers must upload their CVs to the platform to take advantage of Eteach’s streamlined application process. Here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Create an Eteach Account: Sign up for free on the Eteach website. 
  2. Upload Your CV: Ensure it is up-to-date and reflects your skills and experience. 
  3. AI Profile Creation: Allow the AI to generate your profile from your CV details, making you searchable to all schools.
  4. Ensure all the data is correct and update anything new or relevant to the opportunities you are interested in.
  5. Apply Easily: Use your profile to apply for multiple jobs with a few clicks, avoiding repetitive data entry.
  6. Join school or regional Talent Pools to let schools find you.

This process saves time and keeps teachers’ spirits high by reducing the administrative burden of job hunting. Start now and use your time wisely! Upload your CV to Eteach, and let schools find you so you can invest more time into your teaching.

Embrace the future of job hunting with Eteach and open up a world of opportunities. Start now and let Eteach simplify your career advancement.

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