From 1st September 2023

Toolkit Member BadgeThe Toolkit membership is changing; a message from the founder of @TeacherToolkit 

Since launching The Toolkit on 1st July 2020, thousands and thousands of teachers and schools have signed up to use it!

What started as a humble teaching blog in 2007, the site now provides quality resources to teachers across the globe every week. To manage security and privacy, there are associated costs to manage data protection, your credit card details, honour our terms and website and continue to expand our research and development.

I wanted to explain why a small increase in price is necessary and why this still reflects an increase in value.

Why are we changing the costs?

As a valued member of The Toolkit community, I am committed to transparency. Therefore, I'd like to inform you about a small but necessary increase in subscription costs to help upscale and continue the service. Three critical factors drive this decision:

  1. Operational costs: Despite our appearance as a 'blog', our evolution towards a comprehensive resource service has increased our annual operational costs, exceeding £25,000-40K per annum depending on website development and staffing.
  2. Increased demands: Expanding our user base to schools and colleges has increased requests for additional features and services, escalating our costs. For example, multiple logins, payment options, transfers and school training to name a few.
  3. Support enhancement: The growing user base demands a larger support team to address requests promptly, ranging from password resets to download assistance. We plan to invest in our website's support team to resolve your frequently asked questions.

This change enables us to maintain the quality of resources you've come to expect, including better customer support.

New pricing explained...

We're introducing new pricing tiers starting September 1, 2023, to continue providing you with high-quality resources and support.


£5/month: Get immediate access to a monthly resource, video walkthrough, editable templates and a monthly 60-minute training webinar, plus exclusive articles and loyalty points to redeem against paid resources. This tier is a price increase from £3 per month.


£15/month, approx £1.00 per resource: Enjoy all benefits of Essential plus access to 15 'paid-for' resources monthly from our 300+ selection. Gain access to all training webinars, plus win a free monthly subscription and ask for one-to-one leadership coaching on demand. This tier is a price increase from £10 per month.


£150/year, saving £30 per year: For top-tier members, get all the benefits of Premium plus access to 300+ resources and (all) new exclusive resources for one year. This subscription includes a free teaching book (RRP £15.00), access to secret PDFs, research trials and book launch invitations, and 10% off any teacher training. Members can use loyalty points for live online training and book discounts. This tier is a price increase from £110 per annum.

*** Price changes for ALL Toolkit members from 1st September 2023 ***

Individual Toolkit Memberships

  • Essential £5.00 per month
  • Premium £15.00 per month
  • VIP £150.00 per year

School Toolkit Memberships

  • Essential £5.00 per month / £60.00 per year, per user
  • Premium £15.00 per month / £180.00 per year, per user
  • VIP £150.00 per year, per user


Evidence-based resources

£5 per month

Essential includes:

  • Discount on all resources, plus,
  • Exclusive monthly resource
  • Not available publicly for 12 months
  • Detailed slide deck
  • Narration walkthrough
  • Editable templates
  • 60-minute CPD webinar; Q&A
  • Membership certificate
  • Research summaries
  • Newsletter insights
  • VIP ‘locked’ blog posts
  • Spend loyalty points
  • Cancel anytime
  • On-demand 1-to-1 coaching
  • All paid resources
  • Includes teaching book


Access one year's CPD

£15 per month

Everything in Essential, plus:

  • *Access ALL paid-for materials
  • *Access to training webinars
  • Up to *15 Teacher Resources each month
  • Effectively £1 per resource per month
  • Monthly prize draw = free month
  • On-demand 1-to-1 coaching
  • Cancel anytime
  • Download any 300+ resources
  • Includes teaching book

Most popular


For teaching geeks!

£150 per year

Everything in Premium, plus:

  • Download everything!
  • Effectively £0.56 per resource
  • Free teaching book RRP ~£20
  • Choose new book on renewal
  • Save £30 annually; two months free
  • Secret PDFs
  • Research trials; first offer
  • 10% off teacher training
  • Private book launch party invite
  • Cancel your renewal at anytime.

What is new for Members?

The Toolkit Membership

In our mission to improve your user experience, we've made changes to content accessibility on The Toolkit:

  1. Exclusive content: With your membership login, you can access exclusive content, safeguarding it from spam and plagiarism. We'll continue to produce two research-based articles per month, available publicly after one month.
  2. Popular articles: While free to read, these will now require a login from all users.
  3. Open-access material: Selected resources/blogs will remain freely accessible with or without a login.

Loyalty Points

From 1st September 2023, our loyalty points system will change. Depending on your membership level, members will now automatically earn at least 50+ points monthly. VIP members accrue points annually upon subscription renewal. These points can be used to download any resource (relative to your subscription) and/or copy of any teaching books. Please see the table below for these benefits:

Membership Level Loyalty Points Equivalent in £s
Essential 50 per month £0.50 per month
Premium 150 per month £1.50 per month
VIP 1,500 per year £15.00 per year

There are no cash alternatives for loyalty points.

Refer a friend

When you refer a new member to sign up, you'll aslo receive loyalty points to use on the website (no cash alternatives). Depending on the membership level purchased by the friend or colleague, you'll receive a set amount of loyalty points, as described in the table below. These points can be redeemed to purchase any resource (relative to your subscription) and/or copy of any teaching books.

Membership Level Referred Referral Loyalty Points Equivalent in £s
Essential 400 £4.00
Premium 1,000 £10.00
VIP 2,500 £25.00

What happens next?

Effective from 1st September 2023, we will adjust your membership and reflect corresponding changes on our website.

Remember, you can cancel your membership at any time, and we thank you for trusting our resources. We hope you'll still enjoy our free materials and blog posts. Schools with multiple licenses will see this change automatically from September 1, 2023. Annual members will move to the new pricing tier dependent upon their renewal date

Thank you for using the website.