Just For Fun: 20 School Site Manager Traits

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Lynn How

Lynn is the Editor at Teacher Toolkit. With 20 years of primary teaching and SLT experience, she has been an Assistant Head, Lead Mentor for ITT and SENCO. She loves to write and also has her own SEMH and staff mental health blog: www.positiveyoungmind.com. Lynn...
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Is your school’s site manager on this list?

Over the past 20 years, I’ve come across an interesting range of site managers. They all bring a little extra colour to school life in their own unique way …

Do you recognise any of these characters?

  1. The one who tells me off repeatedly for standing on tables (even though I think it’s easier than a ladder).
  2. The one who felt that the job description did not quite match their role!
  3. The one who smiles the whole time.
  4. The one who never smiled!
  5. The one who taught me the famous phrase: ‘It’s had 3 new heads and 2 new poles, but it’s the same broom’.
  6. The one who preferred to chat rather than work.
  7. The one who needs a lot of praise for completing very minor tasks!
  8. The one who was so cheerful, it bordered on annoying (I had to reflect on why that was – the issue was me!).
  9. The one who rescued children who got stuck in the toilet.
  10. The one who sang every year at the children’s Christmas dinner.
  11. The whistler.
  12. The one who supported struggling students by giving them ‘jobs to do’.
  13. The one who didn’t laugh when I reversed my car into a post.
  14. The one who couldn’t deal with vomit.
  15. The one who never did what they were was meant to.
  16. The one who has built an entire log cabin on the school’s premises!
  17. The one who kept your school open throughout the entire pandemic …
  18. The one who would interrupt your lesson with toilet roll updates.
  19. The one who was kind to me when I’d had a bad day.
  20. The one who changed my flat tyre for me (and was happy to be rewarded with drinks).

Like everyone working behind the scenes, our schools wouldn’t function without them. Tell them how much you appreciate them!

What would you add about your site manager?


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