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How can schools strike the right balance between curriculum and assessment?

All teachers are working incredibly hard to adapt to all of the changes and uncertainty that is going on during the global pandemic. Working online, I’ve been exposed to 100s of online solutions to support teachers, and some stand out more than others.

Balancing workload during a pandemic

Can you imagine a school that helps teachers manage classroom data and curriculum-planning, with no need for assessment trawls or filling in non-stop trackers? Imagine being able to do this too throughout a pandemic?

I wanted to take an opportunity to introduce Balance. A tool created with several features I believe will hugely benefit teachers, reducing workload and saving valuable time – something I am incredibly passionate about.

Balance helps teachers manage classroom data, curriculums and day-to-day school life, with no need for assessment weeks or filling trackers. Their ‘professional judgements’ is a feature that strongly supports ‘in-class assessment’.

No more spreadsheets?

There is no need for complicated spreadsheets or calculators, Balance does all the hard work for you with a summary bar that updates every time you submit your judgement. Magic. 

Balance will help to reduce your workload with simple, one-click assessments, whether your pupils are learning remotely or in the classroom. This means that with all the disruption that your school is experiencing, school leaders will always have an up-to-date overview of the data they’re looking for, whilst teachers can quickly see where resources and learning required to be targeted.

It’s a win-win!

One teacher-advocate said, “A big positive is professional judgements that support manageable and easy data collection and an incredibly valuable display which makes assessment easy to analyse” (Jordan Whiffing, St Jerome’s Catholic Primary School).

Schools across England are already benefiting from this speedy, point-in-time assessment tool that gives a clear picture of how each child is progressing through the curriculum at any given point in the year.

They’re so easy to update and even easier to maintain. What’s not to like?

If you would to book a demonstration, visit Balance.

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