Teaching Grammar Shouldn’t Be A Struggle

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How can we revolutionise teaching grammar and English language lessons?

Englicious provides free online English grammar resources, developed by experts at a world-leading research unit at University College London.

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Teaching grammar and English language

Englicious UCL

It’s important to utilise research led practice in teaching. Although there is a range of English language and grammar resources available online for free, a vast proportion of them aren’t reliable or in line with the 2014 national curriculum for England.

So, why do most teacher training courses not equip teachers to teach grammar confidently?

Englicious aims to tackle just that, with accurate and reliable resources created in-line with the National Curriculum.

Free, engaging classroom resources

Englicious offer a fantastic range of diverse multimedia resources for teaching grammar and English Language for both Primary and Secondary school pupils. The best part is, they are free!

Developed by linguistic specialists, all content is free to access when you create an account on their website.

Using Englicious, you can be confident that your students will be using resources that are actually going to help them reach their potential.

In addition, many activities and resources can be customised to allow you to tailor them to your needs. These include podcasts, YouTube tutorials, grammar videos, the How to Teach Grammar book and paper resources.

Professional development for teachers

Englicious Minion

Englicious also offers paid, online CPD courses for teachers, which include:

  • English Grammar for Teachers
  • Teaching English Grammar in Context
  • Teaching ‘Non-Standard’ English Grammar and,
  • Primary to Secondary English Grammar.


You can access courses on grammar subject knowledge, pedagogy, teaching grammar in context, bridging the gap between primary and secondary, and non-standard grammar in the classroom.

Students and teachers can benefit!

The variety of formats available means there is something for every type of learner.

Englicous Ucl

The multimedia formats also ensure that resources and activities can be projected on to an interactive whiteboard, which means less printing and preparation for you and more communal enjoyment for the whole class.

Beyond the great range of resources available for students, teachers too can benefit from what Englicious has to offer. There’s a great national curriculum glossary too!

Professor Bas Aarts and Luke Pearce run their Twitter page.

Englicious resources, activities and glossary match current curriculum requirements to support the teaching of the English language.